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A Direct Service for Puppy Finding
At k2Puppies, we connect people with puppies. We provide an advertising service for puppy buyers to find puppy, and a means to contact them directly. 


Our goal is to keep puppy finding simple, and to get buyers  together smoothly. We provide information about breeds across the site, and promote the well-being of dogs to the best of our ability. We also offer stud dog services and puppy-related items for puppy owners and caretakers, to complete the range of services we provide.

When you're searching for your new puppy, keep in mind that legitimate breeders keep their puppies safe, clean, and social. Their puppies are well fed, and kept in sanitary conditions. If you find a puppy on our site who doesn't follow these criteria, let us know. 

k2Puppies Cares
We aim to make the website a safe, friendly place where we can match breeders and families.  We expect that advertisers be truthful, adhere to the law, and provide accurate descriptions of the puppies they raise and sell.

Above all, your satisfaction and the health and safety of the puppies are our top priorities. When you find a puppy on k2Puppies, you can personally visit the  us before you complete the purchase to ensure that the puppy comes from a loving, caring home.